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Cell Preparation Engineer
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Professional title:Cell Preparation Engineer
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  • Wages: Discussed personally
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    • Location of work: Hongshan District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province - -
    • Department:Job search
    • Number of people to be recruited:Several Persons
    • Nature of work:Full time
    • Age limitation for work:No limit
    • Educational background:Regular college
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    • Gender:No limit
    • Time of issue: 2019-07-08 10:41:00
    Description of position:
    Job Description
    1. Fully master T-cell separation, slow virus transfection, CAR-T cell culture, freeze storage, resuscitation, CAR-T cell detection;
    2. Be familiar with the GMP management specifications of pharmaceutical companies;
    3. Be familiar with the technical principles related to CAR-T cell culture process, have strong English reading ability, have strong scientific thinking ability and can design experimental routes on their own;
    4. Master the use of laboratory-related equipment and equipment, do a good job of equipment maintenance, fill in the equipment use records;
    5. Regularly check and organize the experimental records, do a good job of the integrity of the experiment; 
    6. Actively maintain the relationship between CAR-T Production and other departments.
    Job Requirements
    1, molecular biology, immunology, biotechnology and other life sciences related professional.
    2, master molecular biology knowledge and experimental skills. 
    3, has good test design and results analysis ability, can independently design and carry out related research projects.

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