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Working at Bio-Raid
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Working at Bio-Raid

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"Technology saves lives, technology protects health", in Bio-Raid, we are committed to providing medical experts with accurate, reliable and safe treatment technology to protect patient health. This sense of mission let us " Focus, Cohesion, Unity", in becoming the world's leading professional cell immunotherapy innovative drug manufacturing enterprises on the road to forge ahead, dream-by-dream forward!
We are proud to have some of our most talented colleagues from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical and commercial fields who work together to support each other and help improve patient health. 
We are looking for talented people who will join a dynamic and responsible company and enter a dynamic and ever-changing industry. Everyone plays a key and visible role in helping to deliver important new therapies to those who need them, regardless of position.
Here, we provide generous pay and benefits, do your dream on the road to the strong backing, for you to sweep away worries: pay and five risks, performance bonuses, paid annual leave, meal communication subsidies, festival care, annual medical check-up, birthday red envelope, wedding red envelope and so on.
 Here, we encourage hard work and a happy life. Each department enjoys an annual funding for the construction of a group, so that everyone can play together outside of work. The group activities of employees are rich and colorful: fun sports, outdoor expansion, group tourism, party, tea party, so that you release youth!
Here, we value your growth, we provide state-of-the-art technology and modern working environment, rich and diverse training, two-way growth channels, to help you explore a broader career path. 
Bio-Raid attracts you, perhaps not just young and talented teams, flat management, an open atmosphere and broad prospects... If you're also hungry for innovation and change, come and write a new chapter in the cell immunotherapy industry!

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